We're making the ocean safer and friendlier, for the people who foster our global economy.

Seafarer is one of the most hazardous job on Earth. Despite this, every day, men and women sail at sea to ship 80% of our consumer goods. We believe that Artificial Intelligence is the key to provide better work conditions to the amazing people who support the world's trade and prosperity.

Meet the team

Ugo Vollmer

Ugo is passionate about the two sides of the coin: the technology and the people making it. With a great track record leading an engineering team at MapBox working on autonomous systems, he decided that the cargo industry deserved as much attention as the trucking industry. He co-founded Shone.

Antoine de Maleprade

Antoine made his first rocket at 14 and filed his first patent at 17. He graduated from ENS, then researched autonomous swarms of drones at MIT. His love for automated drones didn't stop there and after working with Parrot and Camp Six, he co-founded Shone.

Christopher Gardias

Christopher is an ex-Navy Officer with a Bsc in Electronics Eng. and Bsc in Computer Science. He has studied with US Navy and worked in a European Satellite Station. He is passionate about perfection and new technologies.

Atrin Sarmadi

Atrin earned his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, where he studied additive manufacturing technologies. His prior work experience focused on design and process development for spare parts in the maritime industry. He joined Shone with the aim of applying his knowledge to have a greater impact in the shipping industry.

Aurélien Girardeau

Aurélien is one of those rare talents that can make anything just works.
Aurélien joined Shone with the desire of changing the cargo shipping industry.

Benjamin Tran Dinh

Benjamin crafts pipelines for all kinds of geo-data. Before joining Shone, he built maps for self-driving cars at Exonav and developed telemetry products at Mapbox - such as live traffic.
As a graduate in Operations Research and Supply Chain, he is excited about optimizing the shipping industry.
When he's not at his desk, you can find him on his bike, a climbing wall, or a hiking trail.

Stephanie Wang

After getting her J.D. in 2014, Steph realized that she much preferred the fast pace of startups to the hushed atmosphere of the court room. Steph joined Shone after helping build the team at the Fin Exploration Company. When she's home, Steph feeds her sourdough mother and enjoys yoga, biking and exploring hiking trails around the Bay Area with her son and husband.

Patoin Zougmoré

Patoin is devoted to put his software engineering skills to solve problems from the physical world. He previously worked on building maps for autonomous vehicles, optimizing supply chains, and developing real-time monitoring solutions of heavy equipment by retrofitting them with connected technologies. All those experiences fit with Shone's vision and roadmap, and more, and Patoin is thrilled to be part of the team to make it happen!